Thread-drawing modules for OpenSCAD

Created using this module! By ixd_ui_id Creative Interface Design

Updated 2023-11-20. Ver 2.8; a few speed-ups (thanks to Odino).

Here are modules to draw accurate, ISO-standard threads in OpenSCAD. The specification comes from Wikipedia.

OpenSCAD modules

The modules file is downloadable here. (Right-click and Save Link As...)

tarball (cd8df981183b9e00f781987b39c05acc)

There are two front-end modules:

metric_thread() input units are millimeters. english_thread() inputs are in inches, though the drawing dimensions are in millimeters.

There are several optional parameters that can be used with either of these modules:

Note: left-hand threads. While there is no option for left-hand threads, such "reverse" threads are easy to create in OpenSCAD – use the "mirror" command to "flip" the part across a plane.

This module, which uses a polyhedron for each segment of the thread, was inspired by Trevor Moseley's work, although the results there do not appear to adhere to the ISO standards (especially with regard to required clearances).

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